About Native
A local business with local roots, Native was formed in 2005 in anticipation of enhancing and enriching the community in which we grew up in by designing and building outdoor spaces that everyone can enjoy! We pride ourselves in having a staff that is professionally trained in design, horticulture, maintenance, irrigation, lighting and hardscapes. We are proven, committed and reputable providing our clients with an expectation of excellence that exceeds the competition. We provide value-added and reliable services, forward-looking designs with an awareness of the environment. With Native, expect a landscape company prideful of acquiring certifications and degrees that will provide you with contractors that rise above the competition. We provide a staff of employees with degrees in turf management, design, and horticulture along with certifications in hardscape construction, landscape professionalism, and turf technician.
About the owner

A Knoxville Native, Jacob Dunaway, was never a fan of 'yardwork' growing up. It wasn't until his freshman year of college when his future mother-in-law asked him to redo the landscape around her house. From 3 months of hard work bore a passion not only of plants but the outdoors in general. He subsequently changed his major at University of Tennessee from business to horticulture/design and quickly started his first lawn care and landscaping business, Pagoda Lawn & Landscape, that he ran for 6 years until 2004. After selling Pagoda in 2004 he took a year sabbatical and formed Native Design in May of 2005. Since its inception Jacob has thrived off creating and installing spaces that are not only beautiful to the eye but just enjoyable to be in whether it be for yourself or family and friends. Jacob believes there is a sense of peace that is gained from being outdoors. In the hectic world we live in having an enjoyable space outside allows a respite from all things electronic. Jacob has worked to grow the company into what it is today. From its beginnings as one man and a truck to 25 employees and 13 trucks or pridefully working in the backyard of his mother-in-laws house to installing landscapes at his college alma mater.

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