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Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting brings any outdoor space to life. Whether utilizing fixtures for security, landscape or dramatic effect, exterior lights can transform how you see and understand a building or pathway. By understanding the play between light and dark, architects can use contrast and shadows to create beautiful and intriguing spaces.

Native Design & Hardscape's number one goal when installing exterior lighting is working with the client to establish a design concept that the customer is satisfied with. You can both highlight a building’s architectural features and draw attention to plants and trees. From task lighting for safety to ambient string lights for the perfect outdoor party, whatever you may dream, we can design and build it to be an exciting and breathtaking new element of your home.


Native Design & Hardscape offers many different types of lighting to complete your new backyard design. Our custom lighting services include:

  • Accent Lighting

  • Ambient Lighting 

  • Task Lighting 

  • Path Lighting 

  • Landscape Lighting 

  • Architectural Lighting 

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