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Challenging Pool & Yard Design

This was our first project in Chattanooga and as a landscaping and hardscaping company located in East Tennessee, we expected some challenges with the commute. It started off rough with 2 trucks breaking down in transit on Day 1 and Day 2. Little did we know that the commute was going to be the least of our challenges.

Originally, the project included constructing a pool with a travertine pool deck in a very flat backyard. When the homeowners relocated to a renovated 1920's bungalow on the top of a scenic ridge line, the project had to be reinvented. The new, extremely sloped yard translated into us needing to move construct a hillside pool. After a few site visits absorbing and feeling the space, we went to the drawing board.

The pool needed to feel relaxed and tucked into the backyard, creating a natural space of its own but also blending into the overall landscape.

A big pool deck (usually ideal for entertaining) was not going to be feasible. We designed a minimalistic path for access to the pool, using chestnut brown flagstone treads as steps. We retained the space with boulders which, along with the flagstone, were sourced from Dunlap, TN.

The centerpiece of it all, the pool: a fiberglass pool with a simple rectangular shape, 12 foot by 25 foot in length, manufactured by River Pools and Spa out of Virginia. When trying to achieve a minimalist look, it’s hard not to choose a fiberglass pool. Compared to a gunite pool, fiberglass wins with affordability, install time, and manufacturer’s warranty. These fiberglass pools are amazing.

We went back and forth on what to use for the pool deck: artificial turf or fescue sod. Both have their advantages and drawbacks but fescue sod won due to the upfront feasibility and coolness on the feet.

The landscape remained simple. The palette consisted of primarily evergreen (arborvitae, boxwoods and liriope) and drew its color from perennial standout catmint and proven winner limelight hydrangeas.

All in all, circumstances may have led to a new location for the home owners and for us, but with our designer’s eye and a contractor's hand, the client's expectations were not only met but exceeded. Read what they had to say:

"Native looked at our yard and a Pinterest board full of photos and pools I thought were pretty, and they created a literal dreamscape in our backyard! It's beyond my wildest dreams, but that's exactly what I expected in choosing them to execute our project. If you're looking for a team you can trust to execute high-end vision, you can't go wrong with Native." ~ N.M.

Thinking about installing a fiberglass or gunite pool and you cannot imagine how it would fit in your unique yard? We would love to help you achieve your dreams. Contact us now and we can send one of our designers to your home site.

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