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Front Yard Refresher

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Every home has the potential for updated and refreshed curb appeal. Sometimes it is near impossible to visualize what improvements can be made and homeowners feel overwhelmed as to where or how to start. Click the arrow icon on the image below to see the refreshing transformation.

This homeowner was challenged by a front yard and entry that had an undefined path to the front door, overgrown plants too close to the house, and multiple areas of drainage concern. The homeowner was tired of the constant pruning and weeding he had to do.

One of Native Design & Hardscape's landscape designers, Jeran, met with the homeowner and discussed all of the homeowner's frustrations with his existing front yard. Jeran came up with a landscape design that addressed all of the homeowner's concerns and desires.

This project corrected drainage issues by improving how water was diverted from existing gutters and by laying down rock swales near the house. The fix is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

The approach to the house was enhanced by tearing out all the plants and trees along the path, terracing the front bed space with a boulder retaining wall selecting plants that will provide four seasons of interest. Approximately 60% of plants included ones that are native to East Tennessee.

Fresh sod was extended into the planter to add visual interest in the space.

Now the homeowner can enjoy the new curb appeal of his front yard, and spend less time trying to tame it.

If your yard is frustrating you with drainage and landscaping issues, contact us at Native Design & Hardscape. We know how to address these concerns and craft a beautiful solution that will make your yard as appealing and functional as possible.


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