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New Home, New Backyard

Many times, new homeowners cannot afford to immediately invest in a new backyard. But every new homeowner can contact us at Native Design & Hardscape and initiate a vision and design consultation. That helps us to understand the homeowner's desires and budget. An early consultation also helps the homeowner to understand landscaping and hardscaping options, providing plenty of time to make those important decisions before the building process begins.

When we met this homeowner and surveyed their backyard, we knew exactly how to improve this backyard and create an outdoor living space that "checked all the boxes." Here are some before images. The existing back patio was rather claustrophobic with the wooden railings and the steps leading off to the right.

To make this covered patio area more accessible and open to the new outdoor design, we had to make some changes that the homeowner loved. Those changes were made after the initial design was shared with the client:

Early on in the construction phase, the transformation of this backyard was clearly noticeable and you will notice the changes we made to the existing covered patio:

This backyard project covered only approximately 700 square feet but the design layout feels much more impressive, creating a spot for an outdoor kitchen, dining, and fire pit.

The covered patio was transformed with relocating the steps to create flow down into the new backyard. The steps were constructed with brick to match the home's brick. The wooden railing in the covered patio was replaced by a more elegant, black powder-coated steel railing.

The new patio was constructed with Belgard pavers and we designed a perfect area for formal dining, surrounding the area with thoughtful landscaping that will create some natural privacy over time.

Relocating the steps also helped us to design a specific outdoor kitchen space. The same bricks were used to create the outdoor kitchen area. This space includes a stainless steel grill with storage shelf underneath, outdoor stainless steel fridge, and the newly popular leather finished granite counter with room for guests to gather with the grill-master. This type of granite features a soft sheen that is less than polished granite and includes a textured appearance.

Just a few steps away from the outdoor kitchen, a relaxing area was designed, complete with a brick and flagstone firepit and light posts for string lights.

Large flagstone steps provide access to and from both sides of this paver patio.

Since this backyard was originally sloped, we leveled the outdoor space and constructed a boulder retaining wall below the firepit area. This hardscape design has form and function, allowing for proper drainage from the patio and helps raise this outdoor living space to be out of view from the lower neighbors.

This new backyard all started when the new homeowners contacted us to discuss their desires and our expert ideas. It all started with a phone call.

If you are ready to start conversing with us about your landscape or hardscape needs, please contact us now.

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